[Intro: Yasiin Bey]
Yes sir, yes ma’am, yes y’all
No Fear of Time
Turn me up, turn me up
Vocals up, a little bit more
And give me a little wet, wet me up
You keep all of this
It’s raw, it’s good, it’s beautiful, I love it
Tribute, tribute, tribute

[Verse: Yasiin Bey]
This is for my favorite band of human beings
The faithful, the graceful, the tragic and the classic
The evidence of things unseen, the book of life
The mansions of the moon, the bones of Firaun
Recently discovered and everything but new
The doubter’s doubts about it never made it untrue, we all life
The gift, part peace, part pressure
Can’t remember how you came or win a bet on how you’ll exit
From the start, the only thing certain is the end
Promised to all and none know not when
Heartbreak from yesterday, and fret for tomorrow
I leave you now filled with anxiety and hollow
If you pray don’t worry, if you worry don’t pray
My Umi told it to me just the other day
From the tall castle walls to the mean teeth streets
I hope you get what you want
And that you want what you need

Сообщение My favorite band Black Star появились сначала на скачать песни из Тик Тока 2022.

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