Andile Jali is a master of both football and the quiet life. Here are a few tidbits from his lavish existence away from sport.

Andile Jali and his crew have had a busy few weeks as rumors of his transfer from Mamelodi Sundowns have grown. Since 2018, Andile has been at the heart of the Sundowns midfield, and everyone adores him.

Andile earns a lot of money because of his excellent controlling football talents, which he uses to fund his extravagant lifestyle. Jali’s calling is football, and living it is what life has given the Bafana Bafana midfielder.

In South Africa, only a few footballers can manage to live the life Andile lives. He owns top luxurious cars and lives in an Eastern Cape mansion. During the week, in his free time, Andile lives like a King; no wonder he gets that much energy in the middle of the park.

Undoubtedly, Andile’s quality and solidity are one of the main reasons Sundowns have managed to be so consistent. He is a master when in the middle of the football pitch.

Without taking much, lets get straight into Andile Jali’s expensive lifestyle away from football.

Before going anywhere about Andile’s expensive life, the R17 million mansion is the best example of his life. His mansion is as beautiful as one would dream, and its interior is out of this world. On the same page, Andile drives top expensive cars that are difficult to bring together. He changes these cars at will, and their price is clearly out of the available street vehicles.

Andile Jali’s mansion

Besides that, in his free time, Andile loves to chill and mostly recover from the demanding matches at the weekend. He also loves going out with friends or with his wife.

Indeed, Andile is not a flashy person who lives for the public, but whatever he does is class. Andile Jali doesn’t go cheap, and his love for quality has made him live an expensive lifestyle away from football.

Andile Jali expensive lifestyle

Whether or not Andile moves away from Mamelodi Sundowns, wherever he goes, he will still live his best life expensively. He is not a cheap midfielder, and whoever wants his signature must be ready for huge wages.

Watch Andile Jali enjoying his weekend

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