Latest: INkabi’s First Lady Lwah Ndlunkulu Buys A New Car

Lwah Ndlunkulu purchases a new Volkswagen. Big Zulu took to Instagram to reveal that iNkabi’s first lady had purchased a new car, and he released images of the new vehicle.

He thanked his artist for the new whip.

“Nkabi Records First Lady. Siyakubongela ngehhashi lakho lokuqala elisha sha Lwah Ndlunkulu usebenzile Sisi,” he wrote.

Lwah Ndlunkulu

Speaking to TshishaLIVE about surviving during the start of another music career, Lwah said:

“It was hard because when I came to Joburg I did not have a place to stay, so I had to squat at the studio to record and make music until I found someone who gave me the opportunity. There were many challenges because of that — but fast-forward, things ended up good after I recorded uMuzi Sandton.”

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