Popular Music Producer, Mr Brown And Girlfiend Itu Bokaba Have Called It Quits

South African actress, Itu Bokaba, ends her relationship with Mr. Brown after discovering that he is married and expecting a kid with his wife. The music producer was apparently returned to Zimbabwe by Home Affairs; the affair stopped while he was gone, as the former Rhythm actress learned about his marriage in publications.

“When she read an article, she broke off their affair,” a close friend revealed to ZiMoja.

“They used to work together and date. But it’s done. I am a little bit puzzled as to how she didn’t know that he had a child on the way,” the friend adds.

“But Itu would never be with a married man. She is a lady and has a child too… she can handle anything but not a married man. That’s out of character for her.”

Meanwhile, Mr Brown revealed to ZiMoja weeks ago that he will like to return to South Africa due to his wife and child.

“I was staying in SA legally; I even have a wife and a child on the way. I went out to Botswana then on my way back I was stopped. I was alone. I overstayed and I was then supposed to appeal but I didn’t and that is how I was refused entry back to South Africa.”

“I can come back if I want to anytime, but I am still good here. I am just worried about my wife, who is giving birth this month.”

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