Skit Maker, Mr Macaroni Narrates Ordeal With Depression

Nigerian Actor and Skit Maker, Mr Macaroni Narrates Ordeal With Depression

Taking to his official Twitter handle, the entertainer recounted his journey from adversity to success.

In his revelation, the actor disclosed that he experienced a period of depression in late 2017 and 2018, coinciding with his expulsion from the university.

“I was dealing with depression in late 2017/2018, and that was the period I was expelled from university,” he revealed.

Recalling the subsequent years of his struggle, he wrote, “From 2018-2019 was another round of depression. I continued hustling for roles again in Nollywood. I have been acting on and off since like 2011.”

During this time, he encountered insincere individuals who took advantage of his dreams of becoming an actor, repeatedly scamming him by demanding payment for forms.

In late 2019, at the height of his depressive state, he turned his attention to creating and posting content online.

This transition to seeking success in unconventional ways became his way out.

Through his determination, continuous prayers, and a stroke of divine intervention, Mr Macaroni’s fortunes began to change.

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In the same year 2019, he received a breakthrough when God finally answered his prayers and opened doors of opportunity.

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