Don Jazzy Flaunts Newly Acquired Luxury Cars

Nigerian Singer, Don Jazzy Flaunts Newly Acquired Luxury Cars

The CEO of Mavin Records, Don Jazzy, has added to his collection of luxury rides with two zero mileage automobiles.

Jazzy shared on his Instagram page, introducing his followers to his two brand-new cars, which he affectionately referred to as his “girlfriend” and “sidechic.”

In the video, Don Jazzy emphasised the significance of acquiring vehicles with zero mileage, highlighting the allure of pristine, untouched machines.

His enthusiasm for his new rides were evident as he shared the joys of owning vehicles straight from the showroom.

He further hinted at a potential business collaboration with @mikanomotors, the source of his new acquisitions.

The musician captioned the post, “My new girlfriend and my new side chic came together. Nothing beats 0 mileage. Go get yours at @mikanomotors.”

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