Cardi B's Thrown Microphone Goes Up For Auction On eBay

Rapper Cardi B’s Thrown Microphone Goes Up For Auction On eBay

The microphone thrown by popular American rapper, Cardi B, has been placed for auction at $99,300.

In a truly unusual moment in music history, Cardi B made headlines when she threw a microphone at a concertgoer during a performance at Drais Beach Club in Las Vegas. Now, that same microphone has become the center of attention as it is up for auction on eBay.

Listed as a Shure Axient Digital Microphone, the microphone used by the rapper is being auctioned by Scott Fisher, owner of The Wave, an audio company that supports Las Vegas nightclubs.

Fisher confirmed in the eBay description that the microphone is the one captured in viral videos, identified by the white tape at the bottom.

Meanwhile, the bidding for the thrown microphone has already reached an astonishing $99,300 US Dollars.

The plan is to donate 100 percent of proceeds to two charities; a local Las Vegas charity called Friendship Circle Las Vegas, which helps teens and young adults with special needs, and Wounded Warrior Project, which aids severely wounded veterans.

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