Raining in Manila ~ Filipino OPM Acoustic Love Songs 2023 Playlist ~ New Tagalog Acoustic Songs Ever

Raining in Manila ~ Filipino OPM Acoustic Love Songs 2023 Playlist ~ New Tagalog Acoustic Songs Ever


Rainy days in Manila evoke a sense of nostalgia and longing, making it the perfect backdrop for listening to Filipino OPM acoustic love songs. Whether you’re cuddled up at home or stuck in traffic, this playlist of new Tagalog acoustic songs is sure to tug at your heartstrings and transport you to a place of pure emotion and musical bliss.

The Playlist

1. “Sana” by I Belong To The Zoo

Starting off the playlist is “Sana” by I Belong To The Zoo, a hauntingly beautiful song that captures the pain of unrequited love. The raw emotions in the lyrics and the soulful acoustic melody make this track a standout in the OPM acoustic scene.

2. “Kahit Ayaw Mo Na” by This Band

This Band’s “Kahit Ayaw Mo Na” has become a modern OPM classic, and for good reason. The heartfelt lyrics and soothing acoustic guitar accompaniment will have you swaying along, even as the rain pours outside.

3. “Lumang Tugtugin” by December Avenue

December Avenue is known for their heartfelt ballads, and “Lumang Tugtugin” is no exception. The bittersweet nostalgia in the lyrics, paired with the band’s signature acoustic sound, will hit you right in the feels.

4. “Tagpuan” by Moira Dela Torre

Moira Dela Torre’s angelic voice shines in “Tagpuan,” a tender love song that is perfect for serenading someone special on a rainy evening. The acoustic arrangement adds a warmth and intimacy to the track, making it a must-have on any OPM acoustic playlist.

5. “Kaleidoscope World” by Francis Magalona

As a tribute to the late Francis Magalona, “Kaleidoscope World” is a timeless OPM classic that never fails to inspire and uplift. The acoustic rendition of this iconic song brings a fresh perspective to its poignant message of love and hope.

6. “Sa Ngalan Ng Pag-Ibig” by December Avenue & Moira Dela Torre

December Avenue and Moira Dela Torre’s collaboration on “Sa Ngalan Ng Pag-Ibig” is a match made in acoustic heaven. The harmonious blend of their voices, combined with the gentle acoustic arrangement, creates a spellbinding experience that will leave you breathless.

7. “Hiling” by Mark Carpio

“Hiling” by Mark Carpio is a heartfelt plea for love and forgiveness, set to a captivating acoustic melody. The sincerity in his voice and the emotive guitar accompaniment make this track a standout in the realm of Filipino OPM acoustic love songs.

Why Acoustic Love Songs on Rainy Days?

Rain has a way of magnifying emotions, and listening to acoustic love songs on a rainy day can intensify the experience. Here’s why these OPM acoustic love songs are the perfect companions for a rainy Manila day:

  • Acoustic music has a raw and organic quality that mirrors the melancholic beauty of rainfall.
  • The stripped-down nature of acoustic love songs allows the lyrics and emotions to take center stage, creating a deep connection with the listener.
  • The intimate and tender sound of acoustic guitars evokes a sense of closeness and warmth, perfect for cozying up during rainy weather.
  • The introspective nature of acoustic love songs is a perfect match for the contemplative mood that rainy days often bring.
  • Listening to heartfelt acoustic love songs on rainy days can be a cathartic and healing experience, allowing for emotional release and reflection.

Creating the Ultimate OPM Acoustic Love Songs Playlist

When curating the perfect OPM acoustic love songs playlist for rainy days in Manila, it’s important to consider a few key elements. Here’s how to create the ultimate playlist:

  1. Choose songs with emotive and relatable lyrics that capture the essence of love, heartache, and longing.
  2. Look for acoustic arrangements that showcase the beauty and complexity of the guitar, creating an intimate and soothing atmosphere.
  3. Include a mix of classic OPM acoustic love songs and newer releases to cater to a wide range of musical tastes and preferences.
  4. Consider the flow and pacing of the playlist, ensuring a seamless transition between songs that maintains the emotional journey.
  5. Pay attention to the overall mood and tone of the songs, aiming for a cohesive and immersive listening experience.

Discovering New Tagalog Acoustic Songs

With the vibrant and ever-evolving OPM music scene, there are always new and exciting Tagalog acoustic songs to discover. Here are some tips for finding fresh tracks to add to your playlist:

  • Follow OPM music blogs and websites that feature up-and-coming Filipino acoustic artists and releases.
  • Explore social media platforms and streaming services for curated playlists and recommendations from fellow OPM music enthusiasts.
  • Attend live acoustic performances and open mic nights in Manila to experience the raw talent and creativity of local musicians firsthand.
  • Engage with the OPM community online and participate in discussions and forums to exchange music recommendations and discoveries.
  • Stay updated on music festivals, showcases, and events in Manila that showcase the best of Filipino acoustic talent and new releases.

Embracing the Emotion of OPM Acoustic Love Songs

There’s something undeniably captivating about the emotion and vulnerability of OPM acoustic love songs, especially when paired with the pitter-patter of rain on a Manila day. Embrace the experience and let the music take you on a heartfelt journey of love, longing, and introspection. With the right playlist of new Tagalog acoustic songs, you’ll find solace and beauty in the melancholic magic of rainy days.


As the rain pours in Manila, immerse yourself in the soothing and poignant world of Filipino OPM acoustic love songs. Let the intimate melodies and heartfelt lyrics wash over you, creating a moment of connection to both the music and the emotions stirring within you. With this curated playlist of new Tagalog acoustic songs, you’ll find comfort and solace in the beauty of acoustic music on a rainy day.


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