Video as Rema meets Rwandan President Paul Kagame 

Famous Nigerian afrobeats superstar, Divine Ikubor, aka Rema, met Rwandan President, Paul Kagame at the presidential palace in Kigali on Sunday.

Rema attended the 2023 Trace Music Awards in Kigali on Saturday where he won the Global African Artist of the Year and Song of the Year with ‘Calm Down’.

Speaking during his visit to the President, the music star said, “Coming to Rwanda, it gives me that vibe of a place I can rest and feel at home without having to travel overseas.

“A lot of time we just want to take that break, we just want to lay back… I feel like with here we can serene energy, that vibe. And I feel like it’s even going to be a bigger thing when we [Africans] start uniting.

“I must say thank you so much, Mr President.”


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