(Video) “He’s a b!tch” – DJ Khaled Faces Backlash For Not Supporting Palestinian Rights

Popular music producer DJ Khaled is under fire from fans for declining to use his huge platform to advocate for Palestinian human rights.

The controversy erupted earlier this week when a video circulated showing Khaled confronted by a protestor raising a sign reading “DJ Khaled is a b*tch.”

When asked why he was singled out, the protestor stated it was due to Khaled’s silence regarding the Free Palestine movement.

With over 20 million Instagram followers, DJ Khaled has one of the widest reaches in music. However, he has noticeably steered clear of publicly weighing in on the ongoing Israeli-Palestinian conflict.

Despite claiming “unity” and “positivity” in his work, many argue the producer is complicit through his silence.

Using the hashtag #FreePalestine, thousands are demanding Khaled leverage his influence to draw attention to the Palestinian struggle for human rights.

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