Soulmate (Official Video) – Jassie Gill | Sargi Maan | Happy Raikoti | Avvy Sra | Punjabi Song 2023

Soulmate (Official Video) – Jassie Gill | Sargi Maan | Happy Raikoti | Avvy Sra | Punjabi Song 2023

Jassie Gill, Sargi Maan, and Happy Raikoti are all set to release their latest Punjabi track, “Soulmate,” in 2023. The song features music by Avvy Sra and promises to be a hit among fans of Punjabi music. The official video for the song is creating waves on social media and has already garnered a lot of attention.

The Artists

Jassie Gill, a popular Punjabi singer and actor, is known for his melodious voice and charming personality. Sargi Maan, a talented lyricist, has penned the lyrics for “Soulmate,” while Happy Raikoti has composed the music for the song. Avvy Sra, a well-known music producer, has added his magic touch to the track, making it a complete package.

The Song

“Soulmate” is a romantic track that captures the essence of true love and companionship. The lyrics, written by Sargi Maan, beautifully portray the emotions of being deeply connected to someone. Happy Raikoti’s soulful music complements the lyrics perfectly, creating a mesmerizing melody that is sure to strike a chord with the audience.

The Video

The official video for “Soulmate” features Jassie Gill and Sargi Maan, bringing the story of the song to life. The video showcases their on-screen chemistry and beautifully captures the emotions portrayed in the lyrics. The visuals, combined with the heartfelt music, make for a captivating watch.

Release and Reception

The release of “Soulmate” has been eagerly awaited by fans of Jassie Gill and Punjabi music enthusiasts. The song has received a positive response from the audience, with many praising the heartfelt lyrics and soul-stirring music. The official video, which was released on YouTube, has already garnered millions of views within a short period, demonstrating the song’s popularity.

Global Appeal

“Soulmate” has managed to captivate audiences not just in India, but also across the globe. The universal theme of love and soul connection resonates with people from all walks of life, making the song a hit among the international audience as well.

Why You Should Listen to “Soulmate”

  • The song captures the essence of true love and companionship.
  • Jassie Gill’s mesmerizing voice adds depth to the emotions conveyed in the lyrics.
  • The music by Happy Raikoti is soulful and captivating.
  • The lyrics by Sargi Maan are heartfelt and relatable.
  • The official video beautifully portrays the emotions of the song.

Future Prospects

Given the overwhelming response to “Soulmate,” it is clear that the song is set to become a chartbuster. Jassie Gill, Sargi Maan, and Happy Raikoti have all contributed their best to make this track a success, and their efforts are certainly paying off. With its universal appeal and soul-stirring music, “Soulmate” is expected to continue winning hearts in the coming days.


“Soulmate” is a song that celebrates love, companionship, and the deep connection between two souls. With Jassie Gill’s melodious voice, Sargi Maan’s heartfelt lyrics, Happy Raikoti’s soulful music, and Avvy Sra’s magic touch, this track is a complete package that has already struck a chord with the audience. Whether you are a fan of Punjabi music or simply appreciate beautiful melodies, “Soulmate” is a song that is definitely worth a listen.


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