НАКИДАЛ СМЕШНЫХ ПАНЧЕЙ (@kotorypalmdropov / @kbkmc)

НАКИДАЛ СМЕШНЫХ ПАНЧЕЙ is a Russian rap battle account on Instagram that has gained a lot of attention for its humorous punchlines and entertaining battles. The account, run by @kotorypalmdropov and @kbkmc, has become popular among rap music fans for its unique approach to the genre.

History and Background

The @kotorypalmdropov and @kbkmc accounts were created in 2019 and have quickly gained a large following on Instagram. The creators of the account are passionate about rap music and wanted to bring a new and entertaining spin to the rap battle scene. They have succeeded in creating a space where humor and wit are valued just as much as lyrical skill.

The Battle Format

Each battle on the НАКИДАЛ СМЕШНЫХ ПАНЧЕЙ account follows a similar format. Two rappers face off against each other in a series of rounds, taking turns to deliver their punchlines. The battles are often lighthearted and comical, with the focus being on clever wordplay and humor.

Signature Style

The @kotorypalmdropov and @kbkmc accounts are known for their signature style of rap battles. The punchlines delivered by the participants are usually quick-witted and humorous, with a focus on making the audience laugh. This approach has set them apart from other rap battle accounts and has helped them garner a dedicated fan base.

Notable Battles

  • vs. @username1 – This battle gained a lot of attention for its hilarious punchlines and quick wit.
  • vs. @username2 – In this battle, the participants delivered some of the most memorable lines in the history of the account.
  • vs. @username3 – This battle showcased the creativity and talent of the rappers involved, earning praise from fans and critics alike.

Impact on the Rap Scene

The НАКИДАЛ СМЕШНЫХ ПАНЧЕЙ account has had a significant impact on the rap scene, particularly in Russia. It has brought a fresh and entertaining approach to rap battles, attracting new fans to the genre and inspiring other creators to think outside the box.

Recognition and Awards

Due to their innovative approach to rap battles, @kotorypalmdropov and @kbkmc have received recognition and awards within the industry. They have been praised for their creativity and contribution to the rap music scene, and their battles have been celebrated for their humor and entertainment value.


As the @kotorypalmdropov and @kbkmc accounts continue to grow in popularity, the future looks bright for НАКИДАЛ СМЕШНЫХ ПАНЧЕЙ. They have solidified their position as a unique and entertaining platform for rap battles, and their influence on the genre is likely to continue to expand.


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