KORG Brew Music Easton: The Sound Parcel & Seven Sirens Brewing Co.

KORG Brew Music Easton: The Sound Parcel & Seven Sirens Brewing Co.

The Sound Parcel: A Unique Musical Experience

Located in Easton, Pennsylvania, The Sound Parcel is a unique destination for music enthusiasts and professionals. This one-of-a-kind establishment offers a wide range of music gear, including vintage synthesizers, guitar pedals, and audio recording equipment. The Sound Parcel is not just a place to buy equipment, but also a space for musicians and enthusiasts to gather and collaborate.

The KORG Brew Music Event

The Sound Parcel has partnered with Seven Sirens Brewing Co. to host a special event called KORG Brew Music. This event brings together musicians, gear enthusiasts, and beer lovers for a day of music, networking, and delicious brews. KORG, a leading brand in electronic musical instruments, has also joined forces to showcase their latest products and innovations.

Experience Live Music Performances

At KORG Brew Music, visitors can enjoy live music performances by local artists and bands. The event features a diverse lineup of musicians, spanning various genres such as electronic, experimental, and rock. This creates a dynamic and vibrant atmosphere, catering to a wide audience with different musical tastes.

Seven Sirens Brewing Co.: Craft Beer and Community

Seven Sirens Brewing Co. is a craft brewery located in the heart of Easton. The brewery is known for its commitment to quality, innovation, and community engagement. Seven Sirens offers a range of handcrafted beers, each with its own unique flavor profile, brewed on-site using traditional and contemporary techniques.

Collaboration with The Sound Parcel

Seven Sirens Brewing Co. has collaborated with The Sound Parcel to bring together music and craft beer in a unique way. This partnership has resulted in the creation of KORG Brew Music, an event that celebrates the synergy between music, gear, and beer. The brewery provides the perfect setting for this event, with its spacious taproom and outdoor seating area.

Interactive Workshops and Demonstrations

KORG Brew Music offers interactive workshops and demonstrations for attendees to learn more about music production, sound design, and performance techniques. These sessions are led by experts from The Sound Parcel and KORG, providing valuable insights and hands-on experience with the latest gear and technology. Participants have the opportunity to ask questions and gain practical knowledge to enhance their musical pursuits.

Immerse Yourself in the KORG Experience

At KORG Brew Music, visitors have the chance to explore and interact with a wide range of KORG products, including synthesizers, drum machines, and effects units. The event provides a hands-on experience for musicians and gear enthusiasts to test and experiment with the latest KORG gear, gaining first-hand knowledge of their capabilities and performance.

  • Test and experiment with the latest KORG gear
  • Gain first-hand knowledge of their capabilities and performance
  • Engage with KORG experts for in-depth product demonstrations
  • Discover new techniques and creative possibilities

Discover New Sounds and Inspirations

At KORG Brew Music, visitors can immerse themselves in the world of sound creation and manipulation. KORG’s innovative instruments and effects open up a world of sonic possibilities, allowing musicians to discover new sounds and inspirations for their music production and performance projects. Whether you’re a seasoned pro or an aspiring musician, KORG’s tools offer endless creative potential.

Networking and Community Building

KORG Brew Music provides a platform for musicians, producers, and gear enthusiasts to connect, collaborate, and build meaningful relationships within the local music community. The event fosters a sense of camaraderie and creative exchange, creating opportunities for artists to share ideas, resources, and experiences. This collaborative spirit extends beyond the event, empowering individuals to pursue their musical passions and endeavors.


KORG Brew Music at The Sound Parcel and Seven Sirens Brewing Co. is a celebration of music, gear, and community. This unique event brings together individuals with a shared passion for music and craft beer, offering an immersive and interactive experience for all attendees. Whether you’re a musician, gear enthusiast, or simply a lover of live music and great beer, KORG Brew Music has something for everyone. Join us for an unforgettable day of music, creativity, and camaraderie!

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