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Chhath Puja Geet 2023: Celebrating the Traditional Music of Bihar

Chhath Puja, also known as Chhath Parva, is an ancient Hindu festival dedicated to the Sun God and his wife Usha. This festival is widely celebrated in the Indian states of Bihar, Jharkhand, and Uttar Pradesh, as well as in the neighboring country of Nepal. One of the key elements of Chhath Puja is the singing of traditional Chhath Geet or songs, which hold great cultural and religious significance. In this article, we will explore the importance of Chhath Geet and where you can find live performances of these beautiful songs in 2023.

The Significance of Chhath Geet

Chhath Geet are traditional folk songs that are sung during the Chhath Puja festival. These songs are dedicated to the Sun God and are believed to invoke his blessings for peace, prosperity, and well-being. The lyrics of Chhath Geet often depict the reverence and devotion of the devotees towards the Sun God and reflect the customs and traditions of the local communities. The music and melodies of Chhath Geet are deeply rooted in the cultural heritage of Bihar and are a cherished part of the Chhath Puja celebrations.

Key Themes in Chhath Geet

  • The glory and power of the Sun God
  • The beauty of nature and its association with the festival
  • The spiritual significance of the Chhath Puja rituals
  • The tradition of offering prayers and gratitude to the Sun God
  • The importance of family and community in celebrating Chhath Puja

Live Chhath Geet 2023 Performances

If you are looking to experience the magic of Chhath Geet live in 2023, there are several opportunities to do so. Many communities in Bihar, Jharkhand, and Uttar Pradesh organize public gatherings and events where local singers and musicians perform traditional Chhath Geet. These live performances are a visual and auditory treat, immersing you in the rich cultural heritage of the region.

Where to Find Live Chhath Geet Performances

  • Local temples and community centers
  • Riversides and ghats where Chhath Puja is celebrated
  • Cultural events and festivals dedicated to Chhath Puja
  • Specialized music concerts and performances
  • Online platforms and social media for virtual performances

Bhojpuri Chhath Geet

The Bhojpuri language and music have a significant influence on the traditional Chhath Geet. Bhojpuri Chhath Geet are known for their melodious tunes and meaningful lyrics that capture the essence of the festival. These songs are an integral part of the Chhath Puja festivities, and their popularity extends beyond the borders of Bihar and Jharkhand, reaching Bhojpuri-speaking communities around the world.

Characteristics of Bhojpuri Chhath Geet

  • Rhythmic beats and traditional instruments
  • Lyrical poetry with deep spiritual and cultural references
  • Emotional and soul-stirring melodies
  • Influences of Bhojpuri folklore and musical traditions
  • Capturing the regional flavors and sentiments of the Bhojpuri-speaking community

Chhath Geet 2023 Online

In addition to live performances, you can also enjoy Chhath Geet online in 2023. The digital era has made it possible to access and appreciate traditional music from the comfort of your home. Many artists and music enthusiasts are creating and sharing Chhath Geet videos and recordings on various online platforms, allowing a global audience to participate in the celebrations.

Online Platforms for Chhath Geet

  • YouTube and other video-sharing websites
  • Music streaming platforms and apps
  • Social media communities and groups dedicated to Chhath Puja
  • Official websites of Bhojpuri music and cultural organizations
  • Virtual events and live streams of Chhath Puja celebrations

Preserving the Cultural Heritage

Chhath Geet are not just songs; they are carriers of tradition, history, and spirituality. Preserving and promoting the heritage of Chhath Geet is crucial for maintaining the cultural identity of the communities that celebrate Chhath Puja. Through live performances, recordings, and digital platforms, efforts are being made to ensure that the beauty and significance of Chhath Geet are passed on to future generations.

Role of Chhath Geet in Cultural Conservation

  • Connecting younger generations to their cultural roots
  • Building awareness and appreciation for traditional music forms
  • Encouraging the documentation and archiving of Chhath Geet
  • Fostering collaborations between traditional and contemporary artists
  • Promoting cultural tourism and preserving heritage sites


Chhath Puja Geet 2023 is a celebration of devotion, music, and cultural heritage. Whether you experience the enchanting melodies of Chhath Geet through live performances, online platforms, or personal renditions, the spirit of the festival will resonate with you. The timeless beauty of Chhath Geet and their ability to bring people together in reverence and joy make them an indispensable part of the Chhath Puja celebrations.

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