ବନ୍ଦଇ ନାରାୟଣ ଶ୍ରୀ ରଘୁନନ୍ଦନ || udanta hanuman || viral song by-kasturi || badabenakudi brahmagiri

ବନ୍ଦଇ ନାରାୟଣ ଶ୍ରୀ ରଘୁନନ୍ଦନ || udanta hanuman || viral song by-kasturi || badabenakudi brahmagiri

ବନ୍ଦଇ ନାରାୟଣ ଶ୍ରୀ ରଘୁନନ୍ଦନ is a viral song composed and sung by Kasturi, a talented singer from the region of Badabenakudi in Brahmagiri. The song, which features the energetic and popular character of Udanta Hanuman, has gained widespread popularity in recent months.

বন্দে নারায়ণ

The phrase “বন্দে নারায়ণ” (Bande Narayana) is a devotional salutation to Lord Narayana, a form of the Hindu god Vishnu. The song expresses praise and devotion to Lord Narayana, and is often sung as a way to invoke his blessings and grace.

ଶ୍ରୀ ରଘୁନନ୍ଦନ

In the song, the title “ଶ୍ରୀ ରଘୁନନ୍ଦନ” (Sri Raghunandan) refers to Lord Rama, who is also known as Raghunandan. Lord Rama is a central figure in Hindu mythology and is revered for his righteousness, courage, and devotion to dharma. The song pays homage to Lord Rama’s virtues and seeks his blessings.

ଉଦାନ୍ତ ହନୁମାନ

Udanta Hanuman, also known as flying Hanuman, is a popular character from Hindu mythology. Hanuman is revered for his incredible strength, unwavering devotion to Lord Rama, and his role in the epic Ramayana. The song features Udanta Hanuman as a symbol of courage, devotion, and boundless energy.

  • Kasturi’s powerful vocals
  • Captivating lyrics
  • Energetic beats
  • Cultural significance
  • Traditional instruments


Kasturi, the talented singer and composer of the song, hails from the vibrant region of Badabenakudi in Brahmagiri. Her soulful and powerful vocals have captivated audiences and propelled the song to viral status. Kasturi’s emotive rendition of the devotional song has resonated with listeners and has garnered widespread praise for its depth and passion.

କାଷ୍ଟୁରୀ-ଏ ଗାଇଁଲେ ଗୀତ

Kasturi’s rendition of ବନ୍ଦଇ ନାରାୟଣ ଶ୍ରୀ ରଘୁନନ୍ଦନ has brought a new level of artistry and emotion to the traditional devotional song. Her innate talent and passion for music shine through in her performance, drawing in audiences with her captivating vocals and heartfelt delivery.

  • The song’s traditional roots
  • Kasturi’s unique interpretation
  • Influence on contemporary music
  • Regional pride and recognition
  • Contribution to cultural preservation

ବଦାବେନାଖୁଦି | ବ୍ରହ୍ମଗିରି

The song has its origins in the beautiful and culturally rich region of Badabenakudi in Brahmagiri. Known for its vibrant traditions, Badabenakudi has been a source of inspiration and creativity for countless artists, including Kasturi. The song pays homage to the land of Badabenakudi and celebrates the spirit of the region.

କାଷ୍ଟୁରୀଙ୍କ ଭୂମିକା

Kasturi’s connection to her native land of Badabenakudi shines through in the song, as she infuses her performance with a deep sense of cultural pride and reverence for her roots. Through her music, Kasturi showcases the rich traditions and artistic heritage of her homeland, bringing them to a global audience and earning recognition for her contribution to the region’s cultural legacy.

  • Local inspiration
  • Cultural representation
  • Global impact
  • Appreciation for regional artistry
  • Empowerment of local artists

ଏ ଗୀତ କେତେ ବିଧାରେ ବିନ୍ଯାସ ଚର୍ଚା କରାଯାଇଛି

ବନ୍ଦଇ ନାରାୟଣ ଶ୍ରୀ ରଘୁନନ୍ଦନ has sparked discussions and debates on various platforms due to its impact and significance. From traditional music circles to contemporary music forums, the song has been lauded for its ability to bridge the gap between traditional and modern expressions of art. Its diverse interpretations and adaptations have further contributed to the song’s widespread acclaim.

ମୁଦ୍ରାଙ୍କୁ ପ୍ରୋମୋଟ କରିବା

The song has been instrumental in promoting traditional dance forms and mudras, with many performers choreographing stunning routines to accompany Kasturi’s powerful vocals. This integration of music and dance has brought a fresh vibrancy to the traditional arts, and has introduced a new generation to the beauty and elegance of classical dance.

  • Revival of traditional dance forms
  • Engagement of younger audiences
  • Integration of music and movement
  • Promotion of cultural heritage
  • Creative collaborations

ଗୀତର ଧ୍ୱନି ଏତଳିଆ ଅଟକ ଭାଇ ବଚନଗତ

ବନ୍ଦଇ ନାରାୟଣ ଶ୍ରୀ ରଘୁନନ୍ଦନ କିନ୍ତୁ ଗୀତର ଧ୍ୱନିରେ ନିହିତ ଅଟକଗୁଡ଼ିକା ବହୁତ ମହତ୍ଵପୂର୍ଣ । ବଦକୁଡ଼ିଙ୍କ ଏତଳିଆ ଗଳ୍ପ ରୋମu{b4e}ଞ୍ଚକ ଓ ଗୀତର ଧ୍ୱନି ଏକ ଅହଲ…

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