VIXX, a well-known K-pop group, has recently released their brand new music video “AMNESIA” on Netflix. The highly anticipated release has caught the attention of fans worldwide, as VIXX continues to make waves in the music industry. In this article, we’ll take a closer look at VIXX’s “AMNESIA” in Netflix and what makes it a must-watch for K-pop enthusiasts.

The Rise of VIXX

VIXX, also known as Voice, Visual, Value in Excelsis, is a South Korean boy group formed by Jellyfish Entertainment. The group debuted in 2012 with their single “Super Hero” and has since gained a loyal fan base known as Starlights. Known for their powerful performances and distinctive concept albums, VIXX has become a prominent figure in the K-pop industry.

VIXX’s “AMNESIA” on Netflix

VIXX’s latest music video “AMNESIA” is now available to stream on Netflix, marking a significant moment for the group and their fans. The music video showcases the group’s signature style and storytelling, captivating audiences with its visually stunning cinematography and compelling narrative. With its release on Netflix, “AMNESIA” has garnered even more attention, reaching a wider audience beyond the realm of K-pop fans.

What Makes “AMNESIA” a Must-Watch?

There are several reasons why VIXX’s “AMNESIA” is a must-watch for both fans and newcomers to the K-pop scene.

  • Cinematic Visuals: “AMNESIA” features cinematic visuals that are reminiscent of a blockbuster film. The music video’s high production value and attention to detail make it a visual feast for the eyes.
  • Engaging Storyline: The music video tells a compelling story that is open to interpretation, drawing viewers into its mysterious narrative.
  • Powerful Performance: VIXX delivers a powerful performance in “AMNESIA,” showcasing their talent as both singers and dancers.
  • Catchy Soundtrack: The song itself is an infectious blend of pop and electronic music, with a chorus that will get stuck in your head.
  • Global Access: With its availability on Netflix, “AMNESIA” can be enjoyed by viewers from around the world, further expanding VIXX’s reach.

VIXX’s Impact on K-pop

VIXX has made a significant impact on the K-pop industry since their debut, influencing music, fashion, and performance styles. The group’s ability to constantly reinvent themselves and experiment with new concepts has set them apart from their peers. With “AMNESIA” on Netflix, VIXX continues to push boundaries and showcase their creative prowess to a global audience.

The Future of VIXX

As VIXX’s popularity continues to soar, fans can expect more exciting projects and releases from the group in the future. With their successful foray into Netflix, VIXX is poised to reach new heights and solidify their status as one of K-pop’s leading acts.


VIXX’s “AMNESIA” on Netflix is a must-watch for K-pop enthusiasts and music lovers alike. With its captivating visuals, engaging storyline, and global accessibility, the music video showcases VIXX at the top of their game. As the group continues to make an impact on the K-pop industry, “AMNESIA” stands as a testament to their creative talent and artistry. Be sure to check it out on Netflix and experience the magic of VIXX for yourself.


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