Preme Dewana | Master-D | Protic Hasan | Mumzy Stranger (Official Music Video)

Preme Dewana | Master-D | Protic Hasan | Mumzy Stranger (Official Music Video)

Introduction to Preme Dewana | Master-D | Protic Hasan | Mumzy Stranger

Preme Dewana is a musical collaboration between Bangladeshi artists Master-D, Protic Hasan, and British-Bangladeshi artist Mumzy Stranger. The official music video for their song has garnered a lot of attention and praise from fans and critics alike. The song combines elements of Bangladeskhi and British musical influences, creating a unique and captivating sound.

The Artists

Before we delve into the music video, let’s take a closer look at the talented artists behind Preme Dewana:

  • Master-D: Originally from Bangladesh, Master-D is a renowned music producer and artist known for his fusion of Bangladeshi and Western music styles.
  • Protic Hasan: Hailing from Bangladesh, Protic Hasan is a versatile musician with a strong fan base in both Bangladesh and beyond.
  • Mumzy Stranger: Mumzy Stranger is a British-Bangladeshi artist known for his unique blend of urban and South Asian sounds, making him a pioneer in the Asian music scene.

The Music Video

The official music video for Preme Dewana showcases the artists’ vibrant and energetic performance, complemented by stunning visuals and choreography. The video is a testament to the artists’ creativity and passion for their craft, capturing the essence of the song’s message.

Key Highlights of the Music Video

Here are some key highlights of the Preme Dewana music video:

  • High-Energy Performances: The artists deliver electrifying performances that perfectly complement the infectious beats and melodies of the song.
  • Visually Captivating Scenes: The music video features visually stunning scenes that showcase the vibrancy of both Bangladeshi and British culture, adding depth to the overall viewing experience.
  • Cultural Fusion: Preme Dewana seamlessly fuses elements of Bengali and British culture, celebrating the diversity and richness of both musical traditions.

Reception and Impact

The official music video for Preme Dewana has received widespread acclaim from fans and critics alike, with many praising the artists’ seamless collaboration and the infectious energy of the song. The video has also made a significant impact on the Asian music scene, reinforcing the artists’ status as influential figures in the industry.

Collaborative Chemistry

One of the most striking aspects of Preme Dewana is the undeniable chemistry between Master-D, Protic Hasan, and Mumzy Stranger. Their combined talents and shared musical vision have resulted in a track that is both captivating and memorable.


Preme Dewana represents the best of Bangladeshi and British-Bangladeshi music, showcasing the artists’ dynamic talents and uniting diverse cultural influences. The official music video for the song is a testament to their creativity and dedication to their craft, leaving a lasting impression on audiences worldwide.


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