Rustin Netflix Movie Review

Rustin Netflix Movie Review


Rustin is the latest Netflix movie that has been gaining attention for its powerful storytelling and compelling performances. The film, directed by George C. Wolfe and starring Colman Domingo, tells the story of Bayard Rustin, a key figure in the civil rights movement and a close advisor to Martin Luther King Jr. The movie has been widely anticipated, and fans of both historical dramas and meaningful storytelling are eager to see how Rustin will deliver.

Colman Domingo Shines

Colman Domingo delivers, per usual, in his portrayal of Bayard Rustin. Known for his powerful and captivating performances, Domingo brings a depth and nuance to the character that is truly remarkable. His ability to convey the inner struggle and strength of Rustin is a testament to his talent as an actor. Viewers can expect to be moved by Domingo’s performance in Rustin.

Compelling Storytelling

Rustin offers a compelling and thought-provoking look at the life and legacy of Bayard Rustin. The film does not shy away from the complexities and challenges that Rustin faced as a gay black man in the civil rights movement. The storytelling is both honest and respectful, creating a powerful narrative that captures the spirit of Rustin’s journey.

Historical Accuracy

One of the standout features of Rustin is its commitment to historical accuracy. The film faithfully depicts the events and struggles that Rustin faced during his lifetime. Viewers will appreciate the attention to detail and the dedication to honoring Rustin’s legacy in an authentic and meaningful way.

Impactful Performances

In addition to Colman Domingo’s standout performance, the cast of Rustin delivers impactful and moving performances that bring the story to life. The ensemble cast showcases the depth and complexity of the characters, drawing the audience into the emotional journey of the film. Each actor brings a unique perspective to their role, adding layers of depth to the storytelling.

Key Themes

  • Civil Rights Movement: Rustin explores the challenges and triumphs of the civil rights movement, shedding light on the individuals who played a critical role in the fight for equality.
  • Intersectionality: The film delves into the intersectionality of race, sexuality, and social justice, presenting a nuanced portrayal of Bayard Rustin’s identity and advocacy.
  • Personal Sacrifice: Rustin highlights the personal sacrifices that Rustin made in his dedication to the civil rights movement, shedding light on the toll that activism can take on individuals.
  • Legacy and Memory: The movie pays homage to the enduring legacy of Bayard Rustin, emphasizing the importance of preserving and remembering his contributions to history.
  • Injustice and Resilience: Rustin confronts themes of injustice and resilience, showcasing the enduring spirit of individuals who have fought for equality and social change.

Visual and Cinematic Elements

Rustin is visually stunning, with striking cinematography that captures the historical setting and the emotional depth of the story. The film’s visual language is powerful and evocative, enhancing the storytelling and drawing viewers into the world of Bayard Rustin. The attention to detail in the production design and costuming adds an extra layer of authenticity to the film.

Impactful Soundtrack

Rustin’s soundtrack is both evocative and emotionally resonant, adding a powerful layer to the film’s storytelling. The music enhances the emotional impact of key scenes and creates an immersive experience for viewers. The soundtrack features a blend of original compositions and period-appropriate music, further grounding the audience in the historical context of the film.


Rustin is a must-see film for anyone interested in powerful storytelling, exceptional performances, and a meaningful exploration of historical and social themes. Colman Domingo’s standout performance, coupled with the impactful storytelling and visual elements, make Rustin a standout addition to the Netflix film library. The film’s commitment to historical accuracy and its respectful portrayal of Bayard Rustin’s legacy set it apart as a compelling and important work of cinema.

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