Novica Tekić – Ta žena BN Music 2023

Novica Tekić – The Rising Star of BN Music 2023

Novica Tekić, known for her stage name “Ta žena,” is a talented singer and songwriter making waves in the music industry. Her unique blend of traditional Balkan folk music with modern pop elements has garnered her considerable attention and a strong following. With her recent signing to BN Music, she is poised to become a major figure in the music scene in 2023.

Early Life and Musical Beginnings

Born and raised in the heart of Serbia, Novica Tekić was exposed to music from a young age. She began singing in local events and festivals, honing her craft and developing her unique style. Her passion for music led her to pursue a career in the industry, and she soon caught the attention of music producers and labels.

Signing with BN Music

In 2023, Novica Tekić signed a record deal with BN Music, a prominent music label in the Balkans. This partnership has provided her with the resources and support to further her career and reach new audiences.

Ta žena’s Unique Sound

Ta žena’s music is an eclectic fusion of traditional Balkan folk melodies, contemporary pop beats, and heartfelt lyrics. Her songs often explore themes of love, longing, and the beauty of her homeland. This distinctive blend sets her apart from other artists in the industry and has resonated with fans across the region.

Collaborations and Performances

Throughout her career, Ta žena has collaborated with various musicians and producers, further enriching her sound and expanding her creative horizons. She has also graced the stages of numerous music festivals and concerts, captivating audiences with her powerful vocals and charismatic stage presence.

Recent Releases and Success

In recent years, Novica Tekić has released a string of successful singles and music videos that have garnered millions of views and streams online. Her growing popularity has solidified her position as a rising star in the music industry.

  • Notable singles include “Srbijo, Majko” and “Ljubav je sve.”
  • Her music videos often feature stunning visuals and captivating storytelling, adding another layer of depth to her artistry.
  • Her songs have topped the charts and received widespread acclaim from fans and critics alike.

Future Prospects and Impact

With her talent, determination, and the support of BN Music, Novica Tekić is poised to have a significant impact on the music industry in the coming years. Her unique sound and powerful storytelling have the potential to reach even greater heights and connect with audiences on a global scale.

International Recognition and Expansion

Ta žena is actively working towards expanding her reach beyond the Balkans and gaining international recognition. Her music has the potential to resonate with diverse audiences around the world, and she is eager to share her artistry with a global fanbase.


In conclusion, Novica Tekić, also known as Ta žena, is an emerging talent in the music industry, poised to make a significant impact in 2023 and beyond. With her unique blend of traditional Balkan folk music and modern pop sensibilities, she has captivated audiences and garnered widespread acclaim. Her partnership with BN Music and her unwavering commitment to her craft position her as a rising star to watch in the coming years.

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