Unfinished Jetpack Joyride Music – #2 Bad*rse

Unfinished Jetpack Joyride Music – #2 Bad*rse

The Jetpack Joyride mobile game became an instant hit when it was released, gaining praise for its addictive gameplay and catchy music. The game’s soundtrack, composed by the talented artists at Halfbrick Studios, features a variety of upbeat and energetic tunes that perfectly complement the fast-paced action of the game.

The Untold Story of #2 Bad*rse

One of the standout tracks in the Jetpack Joyride soundtrack is #2 Bad*rse, a high-energy electronic track that perfectly encapsulates the thrill of piloting a jetpack through a laboratory filled with obstacles and enemies. However, what many fans of the game may not know is that the track was actually left unfinished, with the team at Halfbrick Studios intending to revisit and complete it at a later date.

The Composition Process

The composition process for #2 Bad*rse began with a basic concept and melody, which was then further developed and refined to create the final track. The team at Halfbrick Studios drew inspiration from various electronic music genres, including dubstep and drum and bass, to create a unique and dynamic sound that would elevate the overall gameplay experience. Despite the initial success of the track, the team ultimately decided to shelve it in favor of focusing on other aspects of the game.

Unfinished Potential

Despite being unfinished, #2 Bad*rse remains a fan favorite, with many players expressing their love for the track and lamenting the fact that it was never completed. Its infectious energy and pulsating beats make it the perfect accompaniment to the exhilarating gameplay of Jetpack Joyride, and it’s easy to see why fans have been clamoring for its completion.

  • Dynamic and energetic electronic track
  • Perfectly complements the fast-paced action of the game
  • Left unfinished by the team at Halfbrick Studios
  • Fan favorite among players of Jetpack Joyride
  • Infectious energy and pulsating beats

The Future of #2 Bad*rse

While there has been no official word from Halfbrick Studios regarding the completion of #2 Bad*rse, there is still hope that the track will one day be revisited and released in its finished form. The overwhelming support and demand from the fanbase may just be the push that the team needs to finally bring this unfinished gem to life.

Community Remixes and Covers

Despite its unfinished status, #2 Bad*rse has inspired numerous fan remixes and covers, with aspiring musicians putting their own spin on the track and sharing their creations with the Jetpack Joyride community. These unofficial interpretations serve as a testament to the track’s enduring appeal and showcase the creativity and passion of the game’s fanbase.

  • Inspiration for fan remixes and covers
  • Showcases the creativity of the Jetpack Joyride community
  • Unofficial interpretations of the track
  • Reflects the enduring appeal of #2 Bad*rse
  • Passion of the game’s fanbase

A Call to Action

For fans of Jetpack Joyride and its iconic soundtrack, the unfinished status of #2 Bad*rse serves as a rallying cry to bring this beloved track to its full potential. Through continued support and vocal advocacy, the community can send a clear message to Halfbrick Studios that completing #2 Bad*rse is a priority and a worthwhile endeavor that will further enhance the game’s audio experience.

  • Rallying cry for the Jetpack Joyride community
  • Continued support and vocal advocacy
  • Push for Halfbrick Studios to prioritize the completion of #2 Bad*rse
  • Enhancement of the game’s audio experience
  • Clear message to the development team


#2 Bad*rse may be unfinished, but its impact on the Jetpack Joyride community and its enduring appeal among fans are undeniable. As the game continues to be enjoyed by players around the world, the hope for the completion of this electrifying track remains strong. With the continued support of the community and the dedication of Halfbrick Studios, there is a real possibility that #2 Bad*rse will one day take its rightful place as a fully realized masterpiece in the game’s iconic soundtrack.


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