Samira Wiley Shows Laverne Cox Who’s Down With O.P.P. | Soul Train Awards ’23

Samira Wiley Shows Laverne Cox Who’s Down With O.P.P. | Soul Train Awards ’23


In a surprising turn of events at the Soul Train Awards ’23, Samira Wiley showed Laverne Cox who’s really down with O.P.P. The internet was buzzing with excitement as the two celebrities went head-to-head in a dance-off that left the audience in awe. Let’s take a closer look at this epic showdown and how it all went down.

The Backstory

Before we dive into the details of the dance-off, let’s backtrack a bit and explore the backstory behind Samira Wiley and Laverne Cox’s rivalry. Both actresses have been making waves in the entertainment industry, and their paths finally crossed at the Soul Train Awards ’23. What started as a friendly competition quickly turned into a fierce battle for the title of the ultimate O.P.P. dancer.

The O.P.P. Challenge

It all started when the host of the Soul Train Awards ’23 announced a surprise O.P.P. dance challenge for the celebrity guests. Samira Wiley and Laverne Cox were the first to accept the challenge, and what followed was a showdown for the ages. The crowd erupted in cheers as the two stars took to the stage, ready to show off their best moves.

The Dance-Off

As the music started pumping and the lights dimmed, Samira Wiley and Laverne Cox wasted no time in getting the dance-off started. Both celebrities brought their A-game, busting out impressive choreography and jaw-dropping stunts. The audience was on the edge of their seats, not knowing who would emerge victorious in this thrilling battle.

The Winner

After an intense battle that seemed to last an eternity, the crowd erupted in applause as the host announced Samira Wiley as the winner of the O.P.P. dance-off. The actress beamed with pride as she accepted her trophy, and Laverne Cox graciously congratulated her on the hard-fought victory. The internet was abuzz with discussions about the epic showdown, with fans and celebrity friends alike weighing in on the heated rivalry.

Reactions from Fans

  • Fans took to social media to express their excitement and shock at Samira Wiley’s win.
  • Many praised both actresses for their incredible dance skills and sportsmanship.
  • Some fans even called for a rematch, eager to see the two stars go head-to-head once again.
  • Celebrity friends of Samira Wiley and Laverne Cox also chimed in, showing their support for the talented actresses.
  • The O.P.P. dance-off quickly became one of the most talked-about moments of the Soul Train Awards ’23, leaving a lasting impression on fans and industry insiders alike.

What’s Next

As the dust settles on the Soul Train Awards ’23, fans are left wondering what’s next for Samira Wiley and Laverne Cox. Will they put their rivalry aside and collaborate on a new project? Or will they continue to push each other to new heights in their respective careers? One thing is for certain – the O.P.P. dance-off has solidified their places as true entertainers and trendsetters in the industry.


Samira Wiley’s victory in the O.P.P. dance-off at the Soul Train Awards ’23 will go down in history as one of the most memorable moments in the show’s history. The fierce competition, the incredible dance skills, and the overwhelming support from fans and industry insiders have solidified both actresses’ places as true stars. Only time will tell what’s next for Samira Wiley and Laverne Cox, but one thing is for certain – they’ve made a lasting impression on the world of entertainment.


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