Popular  Ama2000 dancer Lunya Makua, also known as Queen Minaj, took to her timelines to announce she had purchased a BMW, prompting her fans and followers to flood the comment area with their thoughts on how she managed to buy the car.

Queen Minaj earlier shared a screenshot revealing that she spent more over R1 million in January.

She was quoted as saying,

“So l spent R1m in January alone. l didn’t buy a car…Money generated by walking naked disappears just like money for Refff (Road Accident Fund).”

This time, Queen Minaj surprised her fans and followers online when she revealed she had finally bought a car.

As she made her announcement, the 21-year-old Limpopo-born dancer said,

“Tjooo, I almost fell. I went to support my BMW that I bought cash with Napona money.”

Not only is Queen Minaj a dancer, but she is also known for wearing provocative homemade clothes and roaming around in the garbage half-naked.

She startled fans earlier this year when she disclosed how much she earned.

According to African Insider, the Ama2000 dancer said that she earned about R50,000 in a single day.

She allegedly earned the astronomical sum by landing six engagements and charging R8 000 for each of them.

Here are some of the reactions:

@Mar Gees: “I’m just so tempted to get a lift because I know [that] I’ll be getting more than a lift ”

@Bonga Mvundla: “Wow, you look stunning”

@Mary Mnguni: “Uze ugqoke [You finally got dressed], halala to your car that you bought with maponapona [naked] money, cash”

@Kevin Mwaba Nkongolo: “She was doing it for money ”

The other commented: “FACT IS: If she was always dressed as cute as she is when she is dressed up… She was not going to afford the BMW… So the nakedness helped her a lot. We may talk but sometimes something wrong or bad helps ”

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